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What Does Religious Freedom Look Like?

Former Governor Matt Bevin was voted out in Kentucky, but his legacy of Christian Nationalism continues in Frankfort. Bills are passing limiting parental rights to seek healthcare for their own children. Pseudoscience was submitted as evidence and facts. Professionals testified depression and suicide rates rise when their such freedom of expression is prohibited. Lives will be lost. Christian Nationalist are not elected to help or save lives, their mission is to save souls.

Matt Bevins one term saw many bills become law that were part of a states rights movement to protect traditional Judeo-Christian values in public spaces. The movement is called Project Blitz. It is an unapologetic coalition of conservative organizations that believe America was founded as a Christian nation. The bills advocate for biblical principles within our laws.

Ky House Representative Chris Fugate of Breathitt, Owsley, and Perry County and over 50 other legislators sponsor HB 547 to protect teachers' religious freedom while "on duty".

"This is a piece of legislation that, hopefully, will embolden those Christian teachers who are not ashamed of their faith but who, out of fear, do not say anything about their faith," Fugate said.

The free speech absolutist movement upon us demands all ideologies to be treated equally in public spaces. If LGBTQ or Black Lives Matter can be displayed in school, then the swastika can be too. It is a both sides debate Americans have heard since the end of the Civil War. As Steven Spielberg noted: Antisemitism today in America is 'standing proud with hands on hips like days of Hitler'.

In Florida last month, the image of a cross and swastika was projected to push "the conversation into the public arena". Is this the cross and Christian faith that Rep Fugate seeks to protect in the classroom? Will the slogan "Kanye is right" be hung on the wall begging students to ask, right about what?

When Christian or White Nationalist are elected to office, they rule in accordance with their conscience. HB 547 passed the Kentucky House and the Senate. The bill goes to the Govenor where he will sign into law or veto.


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